Sunday, April 8, 2012

Coveresque feat. Looking For Alaska by John Green (US vs.Swedish vs.German)

I still haven't read a John Green novel. Unbelievable, but true. So I thought I should at least do a cover comparison of LOOKING FOR ALASKA. There are so many covers worldwide it wasn't exactly easy to choose. You can see the US, Swedish and German covers above. The US cover is pretty simple, showing a blown out candle. It has a great effect on me though and I would pick it up to read the summary if I saw it in a book store. I cannot tell if it fits the story, but the Swedish cover is my favourite, because of its road trip motive. Love road trips! The German cover doesn't attract my attention at all, because it appears very plain without any great motive.I like the color scheme though.

Which do you like best?
Other covers: UK, French, Dutch, Serbian


  1. I still haven't read John Green either. I really must! The Swedish cover is my fave. Love road trip books too, so I would definitely pick up that one!

  2. You still haven't read a single John Green? o.O *tsk* <-just kidding ;)

    But about Alaska: The US one fits the story point-blank. The blown-out candle represents Alaska - that's all I'm saying since you didn't read it yet.
    But my gosh I heart the Swedish cover! Even though there isn't much of a road-trip in the book, I do love everything that looks like road trips^^ Maybe I should get myself a copy, even if it's just for the looks (my Swedish is limited to three words... :P)
    The German cover doesn't do anything for me... :(

  3. Probably UK or French, but, really, I'm not wild about any of them.

  4. Perhaps I am a bit biased but the Swedish cover is actually very good... I have that exact paperback in my bookshelf as we speak. Bough it for about 2 Euros a few weeks back. I am still to read it though. Just like you, I've never read a John Green novel.

  5. I think I like the Swedish better! I usually like US versions, but in this case it's very simple, and too mch black. And I still have to read it, too. :)