Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mini Review: The Dolls by Kiki Sullivan

Advertised as "sultry, seductive [and] irresistible", the second book in this series, MIDNIGHT DOLLS, comes out September 1st 2015. Who of you has this fall release on their wishlist?

The Dolls by Kiki Sullivan

Eveny Cheval hasn't been to the town of Carrefour in a long time. That's the place she was born; also the place where her own mother died many years ago under unresolved circumstances. So when she returns to Carrefour with her aunt, her arrival is met not only with curiosity but rumours and hidden agendas, too.
Back in Carrefour Eveny meets Peregrine and Chloe. Being known as the Dolls the two consider themselves the universal centre of attention. They are beautiful, rich and popular so it's no wonder they are ruling the school. Every boy loves them and they even have their own henchmen. Whatever the girls want, their spells buy them. Together they are constantly trying to persuade Eveny to join them because she is a Doll, too. So a great part of the story is made up of the three girls practicing spells and introducing Eveny to the world of magic.
   Eveny was an acceptable protagonist, but I really couldn't care less about Peregrine and Chloe's superficiality and promiscuity. There might be more to them than one first notices, but overall I perceived them as rather annoying and dull characters. With the intention to add a bit more excitement to the story than a girly and cliché group dynamic, Kiki Sullivan sent an unknown killer after the Dolls. 
   At first I was intrigued by the scenery and the city of Carrefour, a magical town in the South. Its city gates only open for people who are in possession of a magic key. Eveny lives in an old house with a mysterious housekeeper. Set in Louisiana the story carries a certain mysterious and atmospheric feel to it. Just not as much as I'd hoped for. Furthermore I would have wished for the girls to be more adult and serious characters. Overall I guess THE DOLLS just wasn't my kind of story. 

2,5/5 **/* THE DOLLS - Equipped with lip gloss, high heels, a snake and a bunch of old spells, Eveny, Chloe and Peregrine are fighting evil.

Being a fan of the Tv show Pretty Little Liars I was very much looking forward to read THE DOLLS. I had hoped for Kiki Sullivan's novel to be an even darker and more atmospheric read than mentioned Tv show but with the same girl power and drama. Sadly, it wasn't at all what I'd hoped for. The concept of the Dolls is rather dull, Eveny's love story is weak and all the potential Southern gothic flair mostly wasted.  

Publisher: Usborne Publishing
Publishing Date: March 1st 2015
Length: 432 pages
Keywords:YA, thriller, romance, mystery, magic
Source: Publisher
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  1. For some reason, nothing appealed to me when I first read the synopsis of this story. I was waiting for the review before I gave it a try, funny enough, the reviews didn't really come. The Dolls sort of disappeared. I am not sure I want to read this one, it sounds like a very 'meh' kind of story. Do you think you're going to continue reading the series? Or are you stopping with The Dolls?

    1. This is very curious! I haven't seen many reviews of The Dolls either. I probably won't be continuing this series as it just wasn't special or meaningful enough.