Thursday, July 21, 2011

Coveresque feat. Mercy by Rebecca Lim (AUS vs. UK vs. German)

I haven't read MERCY yet. I like the AUS and German covers, but the UK would be my favourite. I  heard MERCY is about angels so I'd say the UK cover is the most fitting and beautiful. It looks like the girl is wearing a skirt made of feathers and the white and blue harmonise perfectly. Have you read MERCY. Which cover fits the story best?


  1. I was going to say exactly that! The UK one is so angel-y!! :) And pretty! Not that the other two aren't, but the UK is so much more eye-catching!

    (I haven't read the book, so I don't know if any of the other two fits the book better, so I'm just going for prettiest here!)

  2. I'm going to go for the Aussie cover. It just about wins it for me. I've never seen the German cover before now!

    I haven't read the book yet. It's on my list, though!