Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Teaser: The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda

" I remember the hunt from ten years ago. How for months afterwards I didn't dare fall asleep because of the nightmares that would invade my mind: hideous imagines of an imagined Hunt, wet and violent and full of blood. Horrific cries of fear and panic, the sound of flesh ripped and bones crushed puncturing the night stillness. I'd wake up screaming, inconsolable even as my father wrapped his arms protectively around me in a strong hug. He'd tell me everything was all right, that it was just a dream, that it wasn't real; but what he didn't know was that even as he spoke, I'd hear the lingering sounds of my sister's and mother's wretched screams echoing in my ears, spilling out of my nightmares and into the darkness of my all-too-real world. "



  1. I'm really looking forward to reading this! :)

  2. THE HUNT is about a human boy who was trained to hide his presence until ironically he is chosen to be part of the last 'heper' hunt. With great ceremony and public exposure he is ripped out of his carefully crafted existence and thrown into the most dangerous situation of his life.