Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thriller & Suspense Challenge 2010

Only five months of 2010 remaining. Started my book review blog about a few hours ago and am now participating in a great challenge which includes reading 12 thrillers in 2010.
I've already accepted the challenge to write three assignments in one month for uni, so what about 12 thrillers in 5 months for fun? I hope the assignments fight fair and don't try to get rid of the thrillers during that month:)

The city I dream of is not grand but lovely

This video seems like a good start for my book review blog, showing the passion of an author not only for her book, but for arts, creativity and the people on the other side- the readers. Authors like you inspire people! Make them laugh even when they are sad at the bottom of their hearts. Make them see the world as it is, from different perspectives. Make them feel comfortable when they close their eyes after turning the last page of a book even with mixed feelings. And you make them feel curious. Make them search for more in life, because readers know, even when they get lost on their way to something new, there will be always a place to return to... a city not grand, but lovely.