Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Vacation Reads


Can you believe it's July already? 2015 has been crazy so far and I have no idea what happed to my intended blogging time. I spent three months interning at a publisher's house in Hamburg, went on vacation to Denmark and recently threw a big birthday party for my grandfather. It's been a great time, but I really do miss blogging and talking about books here on the blog and on Twitter. Here's at least an attempt at returning to a more constant and frequent blogging schedule. So I thought it would be fun to share a few pictures from my Denmark vacation and the books I read in the three weeks on the beach.

First I read all six books in the BLOODLINES series by Richelle Mead. It took about a week. And I had a massive Adrian Ivashkov hangover after that epic binge read, I assure you. Out of the six BLOODLINES books I liked SILVER SHADOWS best. It had action and certainly the best parts of Syndey and Adrian's romance. This series is definitely a must-read for everyone who enjoyed the VAMPIRE ACADEMY books!
   After vampires and a great series I decided to read the second VERONICA MARS book, MR. KISS AND TELL by Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham. It was so good to be back in Neptune because Veronica still rocks! Another YA thriller I read was THE KILLING WOODS by Lucy Christopher which was a complete disappointment. I'm not even sure I want to write a review about it.
   WHEN YOU WERE HERE by Daisy Whitney and SAINT ANYTHING by Sarah Dessen and #SCANDAL by Sarah Ockler where all quite enjoyable reads, not entirely what I expected them to be though. 

So far I haven't had so much luck with picking brilliant five-star reads in 2015. I would have expected to find most of them among my summer reads, but out of the eleven books I read while on vacation I would only name SILVER SHADOWS a true 5-star read. I'm really counting on your summer reads recommendations in the comments!

Q! I could really use a few more awesome YA contemporary reads. What have you read so far this summer?