Saturday, July 9, 2011

Book Review: Psych Major Syndrome by Alicia Thompson

Title: Psych Major Syndrome
Author: Alicia Thompson
Publisher: Hyperion Book
Publishing Date: August 2009
Length: 336
Genre: YA, contemporary romance
Source: Bought

Using the skills you've learned so far in Introduction to Psychology, please write a brief self-assessment describing how things are going in your freshman year.

Presenting Concerns:

The Patient, Leigh Nolan (that would be me), has just started her first year at Stiles College. She has decided to major in psychology (even though her parents would rather she study Tarot cards, not Rorschach blots).
Patient has always been very good at helping her friends with their problems, but when it comes to solving her own...not so much.
Patient has a tendency to overanalyze things, particularly when the opposite sex is involved. Like why doesn't Andrew, her boyfriend of over a year, ever invite her to spend the night? Or why can't she commit to taking the next step in their relationship? And why does his roommate Nathan dislike her so much? More importantly, why did Nathan have a starring role in a much-more-than-friendly dream?
Aggravating factors include hyper-competitive fellow psych majors, a professor who’s badly in need of her own psychoanalysis, and mentoring a middle-school-aged girl who thinks Patient is, in a word, naive.


Psych Major Syndrome

Summary by Goodreads 

 When I saw that Nic @ Irresistible Reads chose the male protagonist Nate as one of her book boyfriends, I immediately felt the need to read PSYCH MAYJOR SYNDROME.
And the character of Nate does definitely not disappoint! He is a sexy nerd! Nate studies math, is an open-minded creative artist and always there for you when you need him.
Our female protagonist, Leigh, is a crazy psychology student who tends to overanalyse every situation and person she comes across. What an irony that the psych major girl who analyses everyone doesn't know her own feelings.

When it comes to the part where both get to know each other,  I was hooked. I enjoyed how clumsy these two were interacting and  how hilarious the moments they often ended in were. I hoped for much more interaction between Leigh and Nate and I wouldn't mind to spend some more time with them in a sequel.
Each chapter begins with a psychology related term and explanation functioning as a kind of headline. I am not that interested in psychology and its techniques or theories, but Alicia Thompson used it in a funny and anything but dry way.

I really liked that the story of PSYCH MAJOR SYNDROME was set at uni. The writing is good and the overall plot sweet and funny. I want to read more of that!

1) college doesn't need to be all about making plans and mapping out your future
2) of the most sexy bookish B-A-N-A-N-A-S shout-out
3) boys should always respect a girl's car
4) we know all about the cat doodles
5) filling in the blanks often helps 

4/5 PSYCH  MAJOR SYNDROME- A funny, contemporary read about college life, lessons and love!

PSYCH MAJOR SYNDROME is a novel about the bright and not so bright sides of being a student and the odds of finding love as a psych major. Sign up as psych major yourselves for a chance to meet gorgeous Nate!


  1. Oh thank you. This blurb makes me want to read this, off to add it to my GR =)

  2. LOL I love that B-A-N-A-N-A-S scene! I am so glad you enjoyed it. Awesome review :)

  3. Funny enough, Alicia Thompson was actually my TA in college around the time her book got released. She was such a nice person and is so similar to her character. I really enjoyed this one too!

  4. I want this book, especially now that I'm starting studies in uni in autumn! ^^

  5. I've heard some great things about it in the past, but have always been rather reluctant to read it. Your review (and your swooning about Nate) has just made me change my mind.