Friday, March 9, 2012

Netgalley Titles You Shouldn't Miss

Today I browsed the recent titles of Children's books on Netgalley and thought I just had to share them with you. I'm sure there will be one or two titles that could interest you.

March Releases

Starters (Starters #1) by Lissa Price
Spellcaster (Spellbound #2) by Cara Lynn Shultz
Goddess Interrupted (Goddess Test #2) by Aimee Carter

April Releases

Breaking Beautiful by Jennifer Shaw Wolf
Kill Me Softly by Sarah Cross
Night Beach by Kirsty Eagar

May Releases

The Summer My Life Began by Shannon Greenland  
Unbreak My Heart by Melissa C. Walker 
While He Was Away by Karen Schreck
Welcome, Caller, This Is Chloe by Shelley Coriell 

June Releases

Lies Beneath (Lies Beneath #1) by Anne Greenwood Brown

September Releases

Unspoken (The Lynburn Legacy #1) by Sarah Rees Brennan

October Releases 


  1. I agree! Some of these are just too fantastic NOT to request. I'm still hoping to be accepted for Kill Me Softly... :)


  2. Wow, I told myself I will stop requesting NG titles, but this is so super tempting.

  3. I just got The Summer My Life Began - sounds cute!! I really wanted Night Beach, but it's Aussies only and I also wanted Unbreak my Heart but I Bloomsbury will not approve me no matter what. I think they're only approving US bloggers these days (that's what it says in their profile, anyway).

    1. I'm very sad about Bloomsbury, I wanted to read Unbreak My Heart,too. Hopefully they'll accept us international bloggers in future!

  4. I'm sad about Bloomsbury too! Luckily NG has tons of other awesomness on there though! Love this post--there's so much on here I want to read. Starters, Kill Me Softly, Night Beach, Lies Beneath... They all sound great!

  5. So many great titles to choose from. I wish Bloomsbury accepted international bloggers. I really want to read Something Like Normal asap.

    Safari Poet