Friday, December 7, 2012

Feature: Fashion & Literature Paper Sculptures

In the feature "Fashionable Literature" I want to show you funny and fashionable items that can be bought or made to decorate yourselves or your homes with.

Today I'm sharing exceptional sculptures with you. They're all made of paper and if you have an empty spot on your shelf or any other place in your home, it should definitely be filled by one of these beauties.


The first sculpture I want to show you is called "Meadow Book Paper Sculpture in Shadow Box" and it convinces with its filigree details in flowers and butterflies. This is a very bright and positive picture for your wall. The only deficit could be the beige background, which could have used a more colourful paint like purple or blue to improve and amplify the visual effect of the beautiful paper art construction.

Shop Info: Was available as an unique item at the The Thinks Etsy Shop. Unfortunately currently sold out. But creative and talented tinkerers could try to make their very own meadow shadow box.

The "Illustrations of London Buildings" shadow box is the only comparable item this shop has to offer at the moment. It's made up of prints of the artists original illustrations of London buildings ( Kensington, Oxford Street, Duke Street and King's Weigh House Chapel) which are cut by hand.

Buy it: Another work by The Thinks Esty Shop. There is currently one available shadow box of this type. Get the details here.


Similar concept, different form. In 3D and a 360° viewing angle come these two paper sculptures. They are hand made from paper, with a glass dome (which is not only decorative but a clever feature to protect the paper from getting wet and wrinkly) and a wooden base.

Buy them: The "Twilight Cottage" and "Island Cottage Glass Dome" are made by Helen Musselwhite and that's her shop. Get more info about the sculptures here and here.


A much cuter and colorful paper sculpture variation are the paper birds by Cotton Bird Designs. I'm a fan of the world map birdie on the right.The product info says that it's made from an original vintage map of USA, gift box included and custom orders accepted.

Buy them: There are a lot of different paper and also fabric birds in the Etsy shop that would make awesome gifts and decorations. Here's a link to my favourite (the road map) bird.


The "Altered book recycled folded letter holder cardholder paper sculpture" would be my favourite sculpture, because it's nice-looking and practical at the same time. It would look very nice placed on my study desk, holding the postcards and letters sent to me by family and friends. Don't you think it would look nice on ours too?

Shop Info: It seems the item is not an actual offer by the designer, Anita Spero, but a past. I couldn't find it in her shop, but you could still visit her shop to find out more about her work or the possibility of a future paper sculpture of this kind. She's offering a lot of beautiful vintage items in her shop. Just visit Anita Spero Designs.

Would you buy a paper sculpture or attempt to create your own to decorate your home with or probably to give away as a present?


  1. That book letter-holder sculpture is genius. I love art work like this! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Love the meadow shadow box :D WOW


  3. Ooh, what beautiful pieces of bookish art!