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Blog Tour: Gone Too Far by Natalie D. Richards - Guest Post

Today I'm part of the GONE TOO FAR blog tour. I'm having Natalie D. Richards over with a guest post. She's sharing the five apps her story's protagonist Piper would never download. What a fun post idea. Hope you enjoy it! Let me know in the comments if you have read GONE TOO FAR or whether you are planning to read it.

Title: Gone Too Far
Author: Natalie D. Richards
ISBN: 9781402285547
Genre: Young Adult
Age Range: 14+

Keeping secrets ruined her life. But the truth might just kill her.

Piper Woods can't wait for the purgatory of senior year to end. She skirts the fringes of high school like a pro until the morning she finds a notebook with mutilated photographs and a list of student sins. She's sure the book is too gruesome to be true, until pretty, popular Stella dies after a sex-tape goes viral. Everyone's sure it's suicide, but Piper remembers Stella's name from the book and begins to suspect something much worse.

Drowning in secrets she doesn't want to keep, Piper's fears are confirmed when she receives an anonymous text message daring her to make things right. All she needs to do is choose a name, the name of someone who deserves to be punished...

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About the Author

Ohioan and Double RWA Golden Heart Finalist NATALIE D. RICHARDS won her first writing competition in the second grade with her short story about Barbara Frances Bizzlefishes (who wouldn't dare do the dishes). After getting lost in a maze of cubicles, Natalie found her way back to storytelling, following the genre of her heart, teen fiction. Natalie lives in Ohio with her amazing husband, their three children, and a giant dust-mop who swears he’s the family dog.

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This may be my favorite blog post ever. Is there anything better than picking out things you can’t stand? Funny enough, putting myself in Piper’s shoes for this exercise was a little tougher. Apps one and three are on my phone right now!
So, rest assured, if these five are among your faves, I’m not judging! But Piper might – because she wouldn’t ever download these babies. ;-)

1. Candy Crush

Despite ending up in a very tense and frustrating situation, Piper’s not the kind of girl that would indulge in a game that drives most players out of their ever-living minds for no particular reason. Piper lives with purpose, so any app that has her shouting “God, I hate chocolate!” or “I’ve been stuck on this level for two weeks!” isn’t one she’s likely to download.

2. E! Online

Don’t get me wrong. Piper is a girl who keeps up with the news. If she’s on her phone right now, she might be checking into the status of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, but celebrity gossip doesn’t even ping her radar. In fact, this sort of thing is so outside of her scope of interest, she might not even know such an app exists.

3. Food Network or Allrecipes or anything remotely like it

Piper is a fan of good food. She’s a healthy eater with a selection of favorite dishes, but she’s not a chef. In fact, in the course of Gone Too Far, she embarks on one of her first baking endeavors ever. So, I kind of doubt she’d have anything related to food prep on her phone.


Oh, Piper. This darling girl is artsy to her very core. She could explain aperture and matrix meters, but she wouldn’t know a linebacker from a wide receiver. Ironic since Piper’s possible new love interest is a football player.

5. Abercrombie & Fitch

In addition to not representing her personal style well (Piper’s more of a Lulu’s or Forever 21 girl if she’s not shopping vintage) I suspect Piper would have issues with the public image Abercrombie & Fitch seems eager to present. Besides, I couldn’t imagine her ducking in one of those cologne-doused entrances for even a quick peek at what’s in season, so I certainly don’t see her downloading the app.

Q! Tell me, what app would you never download? 

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