Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Mini Review: The Two of Us by Andy Jones

Today I'm back with a mini review of THE TWO OF US by Andy Jones. Since the blog has been a bit too quiet for my taste in the past months, I've decided to post a few mini reviews in the next weeks in order to get caught up with my review schedule and rebuild a blogging routine. Really hoping this plan works. Let's do this!

The Two of Us by Andy Jones

Andy Jones' newest fiction release tells the story of Ivy and Fisher who have known each other for about nineteen days. Yet they both carry a strong conviction to spend the rest of their lives together. It's not only that they have to convince their friends and parents about the validity of their plan and feelings, but the reader and above all themselves as well. Their feelings for each other aren't always easy to admit, their approaches at honesty and loyalty not always fully comprehensible. Yet, Ivy and Fisher's romance is as comfortable and relatable to readers as it is, because their story just feels real.   Told from Fisher's perspective we are learning bit by bit about the beginning of Ivy and Fisher's love story and how their feelings for each other change and intensify over time. Great pick of a pov! Fisher is funny and committed, a fabulous protagonist. Just like him we never know entirely what is going on in Ivy's mind. Sometimes I was a tad glad, we don't. Based on her often reserved and withdrawn behavior I couldn't always be sure about her next move. Some parts of the story were definitely weaker than others and that's why I couldn't name THE TWO OF US a favourite read, despite enjoying it as an overall quick contemporary read. My favourite part about this book probably are the secondary characters that make THE TWO OF US extra special. I assure you, you'll love El!

3,5/5 ***/* THE TWO OF US - A surprising everyday love story, with a relatable narrator and a very moving side plot!

THE TWO OF US is a fast-paced read, even though there isn't really that much action to the story. Despite a few weak points to the story and its female protagonist, it's the exceptionally ordinary characters and quirky dialogues that make for a likable contemporary read. You should give it a try!  

Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK
Publishing Date: May 7th 2015
Length: 400 pages
Keywords: romance, chick-lit, friendship, family, drama
Source: Publisher
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