Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mini-Challenge: My Team

There was a time I read books and liked their characters. Before Twilight I never felt the urge to really pick one character over the other, but suddenly it was all about teams. "Are you Team Jacob or Team Edward?" everyone asked. Princess Bookie is having a mini challenge asking for our teams. 

-Write a blog post telling us about a team and which team you are on and why. 
- Be Creative. Use a favorite love triangle, tv show, movie, book, etc.

At the moment I'm in a lot of teams, e.g. Ash (Iron Fey), Will (Clockwork Angel) or Stark (House of Night), but one choice surprised me after I made it.
In Andrea Cremer's Nightshade, heroine Calla is destined to be mated with alpha wolf Ren, but her heart beats for the human Shay. A love triangle develops and although it feels like Calla won't choose this guy as her future mate, I can't but be on Team Ren! He is the impulsive, sexy, very protective and somtimes even possessive man but at the same time he can also be that cute and vulnerable boy.


  1. I think the only team I was on was The Hunger Games - Team Peeta. I've not read the others you mention yet. Mmm, I wonder what team I'll be on with Nightshade :D

  2. Hmmmm... I am still undecided as to what team I am on in this series. I think that Wolfsbane will change our opinion of a lot of characters.