Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Feature: Fashion & Literature

In my new feature "Fashionable Literature" I want to show you funny and fashionable items that can be bought or made to decorate yourselves or your homes with.

Reading a lot lately? Are you always tired because the bright summer sun woke you way too early? Then try the Night Owl Sleep Eye Mask to sleep with bookish style! 
"These eye masks are made with durable soft cotton twill/denim fabric for its front, cotton twill ribbing and sewn on appliqué details, cushion padding, and lined with black-colored water-resistant synthetic nylon at the back to block out light. It comes with 2 covered elastic straps for extra comfort and keeps it comfortably secured in position to your head. One size will fit most!"
You can buy the cute sleep mask here @littleoddforest !


  1. So cute! I'm in need of one of these as I keep waking up way too earlier lately because of the bright mornings!

  2. It's cute! Much more than my plain light blue one lol

  3. Omgosh, that is SO cute! One of my daughters has a sleep mask, and she loves it! Thanks for sharing this, I may have to get a few!

  4. That is so cute! Love the idea of Fashion literature!