Monday, September 5, 2011

Poem: Colour Hunt

You want to know what I'm searching for tonight?
I let you guess, perhaps you'll get it right...

'The Hunt for Red October'?
That's a no, I'm surely sober!

'Pirates: Hunt for Blackbeard's Booty'?
Nah, that would be too snooty.

'American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt'?
Nowhere near, I prefer James Blunt!

I know I'll get it, I simply pull a stunt,
cause I'm a goddess of the hunt.

I might pretend while getting sleepier,
that it's 4.03 a.m and I'm hunting tequila.

Met a lady, she was gaga and she assured me in a fever:
"This definitely is no easter egg hunt either!"

You can call her yellow, call her red,
but that wouldn't be appropriate.

Been asleep all day, awake all night,
I wish I were a book dealer, so I could get it right now right.

It's fun for everyone, admit that you love lila,
Boys, don't be a diva!

So I guess, you've got a clue,
it's 'Hunting Lila',stop the hullaballoo!

Oh, before you go,
I have something you should know...

A woman made me say it all,
not to forget this before into bed I fall.

She's a crazy author chick, wow!

First I need to apologize to all fans of poems in general. Still I post it, cause I want to enter Sarah Alderson's comp for FATED so badly!

I haven't read HUNTING LILA yet, but I'm sure it IS awesome. I need to get my hands on it!!! Here's a link to The Book Depository.

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