Wednesday, September 26, 2012

À bientôt!

No posts the past week, because I had a bad cold and didn't feel well or like blogging at all. But as you might have noticed, I've got a new layout. I'd like to hear what you think about it!

And for the unusual French headline: I'm going to Paris in less than 12 hours!! I'll be back next week with a bunch of books, pictures and new blog posts. Can't wait to explore Anna & Étienne and Kate  & Vincent's city:)

Have you been to Paris before? Tell me whatI need to see! Anything special?


  1. glad, you feel better now! :)

    i really love your new layout! i like that the colours are lighter and the new header is just cute :)

    i was twice times in paris and i really enjoyed it! its such a beautiful city and the people there are nice. sightseeing is just fun! but everything there is really expensive, even a glass of water :/

  2. The new layout is cute! <3 Enjoy Paris!

  3. I like your new layout but I liked the old one too.
    The turquoise is lovely but there could be some more contrast, couldn't it?
    Hope you've had a great time at Paris!