Friday, November 12, 2010

ReCOVERy Friday #6

ReCOVERy Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Miss Page-Turner's City of Books and as the title suggests, I want you to recover from a busy week of working, studying, relaxing, as you like it. This meme should be fun for everyone and just a nice light start into our weekend : )

This is how it works:

1)      Think of a book cover you like (e.g. because of its cover art, model, author, title etc.) Doesn’t matter if it’s an old or new one, you just have to enjoy it!
2)      Create a ReCOVERy Friday post for your blog and post it with the whole wonderful weekend ahead ( I don’t mind if you post it one or two days later, because you lack of time)
3)      Maybe add some sentences and explain why you like the cover…
4)      Then add your ReCOVERy Friday post to Mr. Linky below so everyone can enjoy it
5)      Check out other  ReCOVERy Friday posts if you like to compare them, chat about them, get inspiration and just have fun!

My ReCOVERy Friday choice:

 Entwinded by Heather Dixon

This cover looks like a fairy tale to me, a dream come true. We see a prpbably enchanted garden, beautiful decorations and a girl in a gorgeous dress running...makes me wonder from or to what? To the castle? From her enemy?

What is your favourite cover this week?


  1. Wow! Great choice! I've never even heard of that book or author but I would totally pick that up and read the description if I saw it in a store!

  2. That is such a beautiful cover. And oddly enough, it goes well with your color scheme here, too! Heh. :]

  3. Hello fellow blogger!i am a new follower to your page. Wanted to drop some *love* and tell your your blog is wonderful! I have a new page myself and need some support! would love if you could return the favor and follow.

  4. Very beautiful. I love flowery covers!
    (Yay, my first comment in englisch ever! :-D)