Friday, October 8, 2010

ReCOVERy Friday #1

Although I’ve got my blog for just a few weeks, I would love to host a weekly event aswell.
It’s called ReCOVERy Friday and as the title suggests, I want you to recover from a busy week of working, studying, relaxing as you like it. This meme should be fun for everyone and just a nice light start into our weekend : )

This is how it works:

1)      Think of a book cover you like (e.g. because of its cover art, model, author, title etc.) Doesn’t matter if it’s an old or new one, you just have to enjoy it!
2)      Create a ReCOVERy Friday post for your blog and post it with the whole wonderful weekend ahead ( I don’t mind if you post it one or two days later, because you lack of time)
3)      Maybe add some sentences and explain why you like the cover…
4)      Then add your ReCOVERy Friday post to Mr. Linky below so everyone can enjoy it
5)      Check out other ReCOVERy Friday posts if you like, to compare them, chat about them, get inspiration and just have fun!

My ReCOVERy Friday choice:

 Halo by Alexandra Adornetto

I haven’t read Halo yet, it’s on my to-read list, but I choose this cover as for my first ReCOVERy Friday post, because of its lovely look. Both silhouettes with the sun between them express intimacy, romance, anticipation and longing to me and make me want to know more about their relationship. I really like watching sunrises/sunsets, consider them romantic. 

So my first choice for ReCOVERy Friday is a romantic and dreamy one, saying: “Relax, just take a good book and enjoy your weekend!” Which  is your choice?


  1. I haven't read the book yet either, but is i a great cover. Good choice :)

  2. I really like this meme - - I am easily influenced by covers so I know I will enjoy seeing what others pick.

    Lovely cover choice, Sarah. I like the wings!

  3. Hi, I just started following your blog.

    I also have a similar meme that I have on my own.
    And it's called "Cover Critique", mostly what I do is compare the UK/US versions and Paperback/Hardcover of a book. I'm really easily influenced as well. ^_^

    I also couldn't take my eyes off this cover !
    But the title.... I'm not so sure...

  4. I haven't read Halo yet, either, and I'm not sure if I will. I've heard some very mixed reviews. But the cover is gorgeous. I like everything, down to the typeface and ornamentation.

  5. Great cover. I agree you want to know all about them. I posted a cover - check it out.

  6. Oh, I knew how to do that, I just thought you meant I had to put a Mr. Linky on my page. Didn't know how to do that. I know how to sign into a Mr. Linky otherwise I couldn't do the hop.
    I'll spread the word about your meme. I'll post the button on the side of my blog.

  7. This is a lovely cover. I liked this book pretty well, but I had a few issues.

    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  8. This meme sounds like something I might have to do in the future! :)