Thursday, February 2, 2012

Coveresque feat. Across the Universe by Beth Revis (US vs.Greek vs.German)

Aren't the covers of Beth Revis' debut novel ACROSS THE UNIVERSE beautiful? My favourite part about the covers is the way the boy and girl are positioned towards each other. They don't reach each other, but are still so close. A strong symbol and a good way to describe Amy and Elder's relationship, the relationship of two people from two different worlds. 
Altough the concept of the three covers is similar, they are all unique in their colours and degree of abstraction of their faces. I can't name an ultimate favourite out of these three gorgeous covers. 

Here's what I like best about each. The US cover convinces with its mesmerising background colours. The Greek cover is my favourite in its overall concept. Doesn't it look as if the two figures were their own constellations and part of the universe itself? What I like best about the German cover are the precise faces of Amy and Elder. 

The German book is titled  "Godspeed" (after the spaceship's name) and has the subtitle "The journey begins". Can anyone tell us, what it says on the Greek cover? 

Which cover do you like best?


  1. They are all so beautiful! I tend to grow fond of the first versions of the books' covers, so I prefer the US. But I loved that the other countries have kept the concept of the two faces. It's what drew me in at first!

    PD: the Spanish version is coming out soon, and guess what the title is? "Despierta", or "Wake up" in English. I can't believe it! They always disappoint me with their title translations. But oh, well...

  2. I like the US cover :) It´s very different from everything else, I think.
    First time I see the German one.. Liking it :) Though it reminds me a bit about Starcrossed. I think it is..
    But liking the green color :D

  3. Lovely covers. The US one is my favourite. I loved that one when I first saw it and still do now. The book was just OK for me, though.

  4. I prefer the US and German covers... The Greek cover isn't as eye catching

  5. I love the US cover the most :D The others are pretty, but I would never pick up the book based on those (A) the US cover is a book I know I would love. <3 And I did love it ;)

  6. I like the US one. Very pretty.
    There is another cover which is my favorite, where Amy is standing inside the ship looking out through the glass.

  7. Found it :D

  8. All of the covers are beautiful! I actually like the us and Greek ones the best, without showing the people's faces they are kinda showing that there is some mystery about it... At least that's what I think it represents

    The Greek translation is: To the Edge of the Universe
    It's pretty much the same as saying across the universe which is the English title. So there isn't much of a title difference :)