Saturday, February 25, 2012

Coveresque feat. Angel by L.A. Weatherly (US vs.Spanish vs.German)

Here you've got the US, Spanish and German covers of ANGEL by L.A. Weatherly. I usually want to include the original cover of featured titles (ANGEL was first released in the UK) but I don't like it at all. My favourite is the US cover. Its title has a connection to the book's content and I really like the colour scheme. The Spanish cover convinces me with the nice sketch of the girl's wings. I don't like the colour and font of title and author though. The German cover (title translation: Demons of the light) is very dark and I think I wouldn't buy it if I saw it in a bookstore.

What do you think?

UK cover


  1. I like the US, of course! I like that the girl really seems on fire. Although I have to admit that this time the Spanish version is decent (there are some that make me want to slap myself). I also think the German one is too dark :(

  2. I actually like the UK cover for Angel (I don't like the UK cover for Angel Fire though - Willow looks real creepy on that one). None of the other covers do much for me. I think these books deserve better covers!

  3. The US cover is my favourite. It looks interesting so I would grab it in the bookstore and I would want to figure out what it is about. :)