Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Words of Love: The Iron Knight Trailer + Love Letter from Meghan to Ash

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Today I post the last love note for now and I want to thank the great Julie Kagawa for sharing Meghan's love letter to Ash with us!!

Love Note from Meghan to Ash

Dear Ash,
Today is Valentine's Day. You probably don't know what that means, but I wanted to write this anyway, as I'm sure you wouldn't know what to do with a traditional sappy card. You also have no idea, but I'm planning a Valentine's date for us, a real date in the real world, so we'll have to see how that goes. Did you ever date, back when you were an Unseelie Prince? I guess it doesn't matter now.
Ashallyn'darkmyr Tallyn. I love saying your full name. I love everything about you, really. Your hair, your eyes, your strength, your possesiveness, that cold glare you do so well but that I never see directed at me, now. I know how much you went through to get to the place we are, and I wanted to say how grateful I am that you never gave up, that you never let your Unseelie nature control you, that you fought for a soul and won what no other fey before you has ever achieved. I can see that soul in you now, and I'm still stunned at everything you did for us.  For me.  I am blessed to have you at my side, and I hope that forever is enough time for us to be together, because I will never give you up again.          
I love you, my knight. From the bottom of my heart.



  1. Oh how I love thee Ash, let me count the ways... Okay maybe I won't, I'd be here awhile.
    I love this love note ♥ thanks for sharing.

  2. How sweet! <3 The Iron Fey is one of my favorite stories. I was enthralled by the world Julie Kagawa created and, of course, the love story. I can't believe it ended already! *goes cry in a corner*

  3. *crying* I cant believe it ended this way...

  4. AWWWWW....They are such a sweet couple.

  5. my all time favorite series ever.. ash and meghan forever <3

  6. I haven't read the series yet, but I've heard a lots of good things about it. The trailer is amazing! I loved the love note =)

  7. Aw, I lveod reading the valentines special. Prince Ash and Meaghan make an cute couple :-)

  8. That was so freaking cute! The Iron Knight really needs to go higher on my to-read stack

  9. I've only read the first of these - but the note is so sweet!

  10. I need to finish this series asap! That note and the short story about their valentine's day on Julie's blog are too cute for words!

  11. Sigh. I love that letter. <3 I still haven't read The Iron Knight (A) But I loved the first three books! :D And I'm going to re-read them soon, so that I can read the final book :) Thanks for sharing this love letter :D

  12. I love the series beyond all, I need to finish it soon but I'm afraid I might cry! I love Ash!!! but I love Puck even more!

  13. I love these books and ASH!!! Aw

  14. Aww so sweet! I loved their date!!!!

  15. I love these books (on the last book now) and Im gonna be sad when I finish them. Hoping for a good end so it wont be to sad..