Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Day Themed Posts: Overview

It's Valentine's Day in a few days and I'm having a 2 weeks special post series around love, love, love and of course books! I chose my Top 10 Most Wanted Book Boyfriends, Top 10 Most Romantic Moments in YA and will post a His Books/Her Books Valentine's Day edition. There will be reviews and other things like excerpts of books I loved e.g.CLOCKWORK PRINCE, HUNTING LILA and CATCHING JORDAN. In the end of this post series (on February 23rd and coincidentally my birthday) there will be a giveaway.
But that's not all. What I'm most excited about are the Valentine's Day Love Notes by a few very awesome authors written from one of their characters to another that I'm sure will make you swoon! For example Amy Plum, Sarah Alderson and Cara Lynn Shultz are part of this feature. Watch out for more and have a lovely Valentine's Day! 


  1. Oooo I can't wait to see all your post. Especially the love notes. You've been busy getting all this together!!