Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bye bye 2010

With 2010 an awesome year has come and is almost gone by now. We were busy with work and studying, but never forgot the joy a book can bring. I never imagined being a book blogger or even having followers at all. I started my blog in August 2010 and I am so happy about the developments of my blog, the things I've learnt and the many new people I've met and friends I've made. Starting my blog was the best idea I could have had in 2010!

Thank you so much book lovers, bloggers and readers. I can't await to start 2011 with you and read many new greats books.
I am leaving for London tomorrow, so this is my penultimate post. Hope you all have some more great holidays and a Happy New Year!

Sarah aka Miss Page-Turner

PS: My last post? My review of wonderful Nightshade, which became one of my favourite books 2010 and is released today in the UK! Because every year starts and ends with a good book;)

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