Monday, September 16, 2013

Book Review: Brooklyn Girls by Gemma Burgess

Title: Brooklyn Girls (Brooklyn Girls #1)
Author: Gemma Burgess
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Publishing Date: July 2nd 2013
Length: 320 pages
Keywords: YA, romance, friendship, girl power, New York, business
Source: Netgalley 

Fantastically funny, fresh and utterly relatable, Brooklyn Girls by Gemma Burgess is the first novel in her brand new series about five twenty-something friends—Pia, Angie, Julia, Coco and Madeleine—sharing a brownstone in hip, downtown Brooklyn, and discovering the ups and downs and ins and outs of  their “semi-adult” lives. The first story belongs to sophisticated, spoiled, and stylish Pia, who finds herself completely unemployed, unemployable, and broke. So what is a recent grad with an art history degree and an unfortunate history of Facebook topless photos to do? Start a food truck business of course! Pia takes on the surprisingly cutthroat Brooklyn world of hybrid lettuce growers, artisanal yogurt makers and homemade butter producers to start SkinnyWheels—all while dealing with hipster bees, one-night-stands, heartbreak, parental fury, wild parties, revenge, jail, loan sharks, playboys, karaoke, true love, and one adorable pink food truck. And that's without counting her roommates' problems, too.

Summary by Goodreads

Quirky Pia just graduated college, started a new job...and lost it. Her inconsiderate partying behaviour has got the best of her. In Pia's failure her parents see themselves entitled to order her back to Zurich. And that when she's finally feeling at home with the other four Brooklyn girls.
Pia's story is set in the matter of a few weeks since her parents confront her with an ultimatium. Find a way to make your own living or return to Switzerland. But Pia's no one to wallow in self-pity for long and she's quickstarting her very own food truck business in only the matter of hours.

For sure her impulsiveness will be resulting in more than one risky scenario. Pia's way to deal with things doesn't always appear to be the most logical, ensuring a bunch of dire problems and threats springing up. Queen of chaotic food preparation sessions, Pia tends to appear a bit unnerving now and then, but in general she's a character who fast grows on you.

Pia lives with four other girls - Angie, Julia, Coco and Madeleine - in a cozy town house in Brooklyn. They are sisters and friends. I loved how much support they gave each other and the strong girl power being the story's foundation. And along the way to her food truck imperium she's making a ton of new friends.
Only a quick note on Pia's love life. There are boys in her life, just not always the right ones. Don't fear, she's getting her romance. It's subtle, it's sweet and Pia has found herself a very lovely guy, a gentleman and dog owner in a turbulent time of her life. The focus of her story is mainly set on her new business.

Her food truck idea really captivated me since I'm a huge fan of cooking, baking, planning and brain storming. Follow Pia on her way to her very own business, a pink food truck. A truck filled with spirit and motivation and girly stuff. See how building a business works. How the line between success and failure is a thin one. Make sure to have snacks when you are reading BROOKLYN GIRLS because Pia and her girls are preparing more than one mouth-watering snack. The food truck movement was so much fun to join!

I've been looking for this kind of story for some time now, following characters in their twenties. BROOKLYN GIRLS closes a gap and the prospect of four more books in this series makes me very happy. So far we only got a glimpse at the personalities of our four other Brooklyn girls and I'm pretty sure they will be just as charming as Pia to acccompany on their NY adventures. Next one up is Angie!

4/5 **** BROOKLYN GIRLS - Sassy, amusing and innovative. Five girls on their way to win over New York and YA!

This book is like some of your favourite girl TV shows put together into one book. Like Gossip Girl BROOKLYN GIRLS doesn't stint on cat fights. Their group of brutally honest, down to earth friends reminds me of Girls. And just like The Carrie Diaries Pia's story is about finding a way to leave your own mark in the city that never sleeps. I had so much fun reading BROOKLYN GIRLS I imagine it would make a funny TV show for girls of all ages. 

"How do they make all that food in the back of the truck?"
"They have elves," says Jonah.
"I'm getting hungry," I add, looking up at him.
"Just you wait, sugar."
People are already waiting patiently in line to get their food before a long day at the market. Wow, people will do anything for a good meal in this city. ― p. 54

BROOKLYN GIRLS you might also enjoy FOURTH COMINGS by Megan McCafferty. The JESSICA DARLING series is one of my absolute favourites. ADORKABLE by Sarra Manning is less about the friendship factor of big city girl cliques, more about successful business woman Jeane and her big mouth. I haven't read PIZZA, LOVE and OTHER STUFF THAT MADE ME FAMOUS by Kathryn Williams but doesn't it sound like the ultimate story for hungry readers?

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  1. Apparently in NY there are amazing food trucks! This one sounds good, I like that she lost her job and is trying to start over. It's difficult!

  2. Ah I saw this book around but was not entirely sure I wanted to read it. It seems more like Chick Lit and less like Romance, with stories like these, I'd LOVE to have a little romance in it. It seems like a great story :))

  3. I also really liked this one. I didn't particularly like the excessive drug use though, or the way it was used. I am pretty sure that I am going to read the next book. I want Angie to get her HEA.

    Great review Sarah!

  4. Another book I must read! It sounds so much fun! I saw this book around Goodreads already, but from the cover I've always thought it's more of a chic-lit adult book than a YA. Can't wait to read it.

  5. Cool review. I love sassy books like this <3!